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ISSN: 0331-4111
Volume 13, No. 2,  (2015)

Intra-Communal Conflict and the Politics of Oil Compensation Sharing among Indigenes of Ilaje
Community, Ondo State, Nigeria
Rasidi Akanji Okunola¹* &Emmanuel Oluniyi Ademola²
1Department of Sociology Faculty of the Social Sciences University of Ibadan
²Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies Peace and Conflict Programme University of Ibadan, Ibadan
Corresponding Author: mayeloyecaliphate@yahoo.com


Payment and distribution of oil compensation as a benefit for oil exploration impact
has often resulted in communal conflicts between and within oil producing
communities of Ilaje coastal area of Ondo State, Nigeria. This study examined local
politics and conflict inherent in oil compensation agitation and distribution in relevant
communities. It synthesized Joseph prebendalism theory and Mills’ elite theory as its
theoretical base with specific emphasis on the local politics on agitation, negotiation
and distribution of oil compensation. Thirteen communities were purposively selected
from the coastal communities. Qualitative data collection methods were mainly
employed for this research. These included In-depth interviews with traditional
leaders, Focus Group Discussions among community youth leaders and Key Informant
Interviews were done amongst community representatives. Data collection was
complemented with a community survey to capture the views of community members.
Increase in conflict and agitation for oil compensation in oil producing communities
arose from differentials in oil compensation categories in the study area which
deepened oil politics and conflicts arising from the prebendal roles of the elites and
traditional rulers. The work suggested more proactive measures for restructuring oil
compensation payment and distribution.
Keywords: Intra-communal conflict, oil compensation, politics and producing