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ISSN: 0331-4111
Volume 15, No. 1  (2017)


Information and Communication Technology Deployment, Policies and Use in Emergency Management among Lagos State Government Agencies
Ruqayat Oyetinuoye Uthman1  & Kemi Ogunsola2
1Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps Ibadan, Nigeria
2Africa Regional Centre for Information Science University of Ibadan, Nigeria

This study examined the factors affecting use of information and communication technology (ICT) in the management of emergency situations in Lagos, Nigeria. The study adopted the qualitative approach in data gathering. Face-to-face interview was conducted with 15 key informants at 12 emergency management agencies which were selected out of a total of 43 agencies through multistage sampling. The agencies were first stratified into federal, state and non-governmental agencies and the selection of agencies as well as respondents was done using purposive sampling method. The selected respondents consisted of ICT personnel, risk management officers and other top management officers, such as directors, assistant directors/heads of department, and supervisors. The result showed that there were no suitable organisational or operational structures that could assist the deployment of ICT in emergency situations at the selected agencies; however, there was a high level of basic appreciation of simple ICT tools and facilities. The study recommended that agencies with no presence on the social media should create accounts through which they can share information and also interact with citizens as well as other agencies. Furthermore, there is a need to have additional policies at the state government level with regards to emergency management. It was also recommended that government agencies should acquire and use sophisticated technology equipments which can promote emergency management.
Keywords: Information and Communication Technology, ICT deployment, emergency management, disaster, Lagos, Nigeria

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