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ISSN: 0331-4111
Volume 15, No. 2  (2017)


Experiences of Ageing and Social Support for the Elderly in Ibadan, Nigeria
Judith Ifunanya Ani1 & Uche C. Isiugo-Abanihe2
1Department of Sociology University of Ibadan Ibadan, Nigeria
2University of Ibadan, and Paul University Awka, Nigeria


Studies on the elderly in Nigeria have largely focused on their care and support. There has been negligible attention on how the care and support they receive affect their experiences and perception of aging. Thus, the study explored the experiences of aging and support for the elderly in selected local government areas in Ibadan Nigeria. It specifically examined the sources and nature of care and support, experiences and perception of aging as well as their coping strategies in the context of declining traditional care and support. The study was guided by a theoretical synthesis of the wealth flow theory and modernization theory. It was a cross-sectional study that triangulated quantitative and qualitative methods. Questionnaires were administered to randomly selected 444 respondents aged 65 years and above, while in-depth interviews were administered on 20 respondents across the study area. Data were analyzed at univariate and multivariate levels, and the qualitative data were content analyzed. Contrary to many Nigerian studies that averred that children have ceased to take care of their aged parents, this study found that they still do although the amount of care and support provided by children is inadequate relative to the needs of the elderly. This has tended to compel the elderly to continue to work till advanced ages, with the majority earning less than N20, 000.00 (less than $100) per month. The study recommends the need for a social security and welfare policy on aging backed by a strong political will and gender sensitivity in its implementation.
Keywords: Ageing, elderly, care and support, ageing experience, Ibadan, Nigeria

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