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ISSN: 0331-4111
Volume 17, No. 2, November 2019
Pages 68-78
DOI: 10.36108/NJSA/9102/71(0250)

The Role of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Trans-Boundary Land Dispute: The Case of Ikot Idaha and Osuk Ediene Communities in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Ukpong-Umo, R.E.1,  Udobia, I.U.1,  Agwu, A.O.2
1Department of Sociology, Ritman University, Ikot Ekpene, Nigeria
2Department of General Studies, Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria



The perennial land dispute of Ibime Water Trench, a trans-boundary land area between Ikot Idaha and Osuk Ediene Communities in Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State has led to discord, hatred and dissonance over several years in the past. Despite repeated efforts by both parties to identify and resolve the underlying issues and contain the problem, it was found to have recurred after a period of seeming calm. This paper therefore aims at investigating and identifying the underlying factors that trigger recurrent trans-border conflicts between Ikot Idaha and Osuk Ediene Communities and the application of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), using the Mediation Technique in conflict resolution. Data were elicited through the indept interview method and analysed using the content analysis method. Result shows that through the Mediation process, both disputing parties were able to resolve their differences and have been living and sharing in the Ibime water resources together and peacefully for over thirty years. In line with the theory of Conflict Resolution, the development of Impact Sensitive Outcome Mapping as a form of monitoring and evaluation was adopted to serve as an intervention to proffer a lasting solution for a peaceful coexistence among the people of both communities.

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