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ISSN: 0331-4111
Volume 13, No. 2,  (2015)

DOI: 10.36108/NJSA/5102/13(0260)

Influence of Exogenous and Endogenous Factors on Changing Work Patterns in Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company
Adebimpe A. Adenugba* & Busayo Bankole
Department of Sociology Faculty of the Social Sciences University of Ibadan, Ibadan Ibadan
*Corresponding Author: bimpeadenugba@yahoo.com

This paper examines the changing work patterns and the factors that are responsible this in the Ibadan Electricity distribution company (IBEDC) located in Ilorin. Strategic Choice Theory was adopted in the explanation of the necessity for change in work patterns. The study is descriptive and made use of both qualitative and quantitative approach. Purposive and random sampling was carried out for the selection of 300 questionnaire respondents from the pool of workers. A detailed analysis is made based on the responses from the questionnaire as well as from the conducted in-depth interviews of carefully selected workers. The paper reveals that customers’ complaints about service delivery accounted for the need for change in work patterns while poor quality of service is the main factor necessitating change in work patterns. Findings also revealed that 64.1% of respondents emphasized that jobs were re-designed which
led to new job descriptions and new work patterns. Finally, the study concludes that the changing nature of work cannot be neglected; the influence of technological innovation, work re-structuring and job re-design were seen to have helped to reshape attitudes among managers and workers.
Keyword: work, employment relationship, organizational commitment, job satisfaction

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