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ISSN: 0331-4111
Volume 14, No. 1,  (2016)

DOI: 10.36108/NJSA/6102/14(0140)

Job Recruitment, Employee Placement and Workplace Experiences of Outsourced Workers in Selected Sub-Sectors in Ibadan, Nigeria
Chekwube A. Uchea, Samuel A. Omolawal & *Emeka E. Okafor
Department of Sociology University of Ibadan, Nigeria
*Correspondent Author: eemfor@yahoo.com

Most studies on outsourced workers in Nigeria did not addressed the issues of their recruitment, placement and workplace experiences along sub-sectoral lines. This study was conducted in Ibadan using ten work organisations covering four sub-sectors. Neoliberal and Systems theory provided the theoretical framework. The design was survey and exploratory. A two-stage sampling consisting of purposive and simple random techniques were used to select work organisations and respondents. Questionnaire was used to elicit information. In addition, twenty in-depth interviews and ten key informant interviews were conducted with outsourced workers across organisations and management representatives respectively. Most respondents across the sub-sectors felt they were placed in peripheral positions. Management confirmed that there were disparities in the kinds of incentives given to outsourced and permanent workers. Outsourced workers’ experiences varied along sub-sectoral lines. Efforts should be made by government and management of work organisation to improve the working conditions of outsourced workers.
Keywords: job recruitment, employee placement, outsourced workers, work organisation

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