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ISSN: 0331-4111
Volume 15, No. 1  (2017)


Wage Differentials and Discrimination Against Women in Informal Construction Sites: A Study in Ibadan, Nigeria
Adebimpe A. Adenugba & Oluwadamilola Oderinde
Department of Sociology Faculty of the Social Sciences University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Women venturing into building construction workforce in Ibadan Nigeria encounter some form of exploitation and discrimination even though they are considered a major occupational group in this sector. This article examined the determinants of wage differentials in the informal building construction sites in Ibadan. The study adopted patriarchal theory to explain male dominance over women and gender stereotypes which determines the type of job performed at site, thereby creating inequality in wages. Findings revealed that discrimination of women persist at sites. Bricklayers consider gender factor while issuing wages. Men and women-labourers who perform same work at site receive different wages irrespective of similar work being performed. In addition, bricklayers are more satisfied with men-labourers work than women. This paper concludes that at the workplace, the patriarchal nature of the society relegates women to subordinate roles. Policies targeted at eradicating forms of discriminatory practices should be enforced in order to promote women willing to participate in men’s dominated work.
Keywords: Wage differentials, informal sector, discrimination, construction sites, Ibadan

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