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ISSN: 0331-4111
Volume 15, No. 2  (2017)


Dynamics of Conflicts and Criminal Activities in Warri and Environs, Delta State, Nigeria
Ngozi Sandra Ikenyei
Department of Sociology Delta State University Abraka, Nigeria

The onset of oil exploration in Warri and its environs accentuated the proliferation of ethnic conflict, militant and activist youth. Conflicts in Warri over the past years, are products of shifting boundaries and agitations for benefits accruing to oil bearing communities. These crises were occasioned by perception of neglect, deprivation, abuse and abandonment. Whenever there is crisis, heinous crimes against humanity were committed against inhabitants. Between 2005–2013, over 35 oil related conflicts
have been recorded in Warri. This construal resource (oil) related conflicts are often accompanied with the perpetration of crimes that stamped political and economic activities. This impact on rural livelihoods and it reflects on how oil operations are prioritized over community interest. This leaves bitterness, resentments and grievances amongst the suffering citizens. While many researches focus on environmental impact of oil exploration and neglects from oil companies and government, few studies dwelt on the dynamics and modalities of conflicts resolution. The study revealed that killings, rape and sexual violence, kidnapping, stealing, torture/beating, systemic persecution of agitators and burning down of houses were the most prominent crimes committed against citizens whenever there is crisis.
Keywords: Conflicts, crime, oil exploration/power tussle and Warri metropolis

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