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ISSN: 0331-4111
Volume 15, No. 2  (2017)


Youths Entrepreneurship: A Panacea to Employment Generation and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
Tope Alabi & Abdulmumin Ibrahim
Department of Sociology University of Abuja Abuja, Nigeria
E-mail: Luckytope4j@yahoo.co.uk, Ibrahimabdulmumin28@yahoo.com


The role of youth entrepreneurship in the economic development has been well recognized in the literature. In a liberal market economy, entrepreneurs coordinate economic activities in such a way that factors of production are moved to areas in which they are fully utilized while they also bear risk and uncertainty in the process of arbitrage which eventually leads to the expansion of the production possibility curve, socio-economic growth and development. In contemporary time, the movement by nations of the world towards a neo-liberal economic framework has elevated the study of determinants of entrepreneurship to the centre stage. It has been established from past studies that entrepreneurship especially among youths has become antidote to joblessness and underdevelopment. This paper, therefore, examines the role of youth entrepreneurship development as a panacea to sustainable development in Nigeria. The paper suggested that if Nigeria in her quest to reducing unemployment and poverty must incorporate entrepreneurship tutoring into the curriculum at all levels of education with a view to promoting self-employment among graduates and youths generally.
Keywords: Unemployment, entrepreneurship tutoring, skills acquisition, economic development

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