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ISSN: 0331-4111  e-ISSN: 2736-075X
Volume 22, No. 1, June 2024
Pages 75-91

DOI: 10.36108/NJSA/4202.22.0150

Influencers of Rape Incidence among Elderly Women in Nigeria: A Multilevel Analysis

Sakiru Olarotimi Raji, Olabusoye Olupooye, Alausa Waheed Moa-Liberty, Adijat Olubukola Olateju, Ibrahim Rotimi Aliu, Afolashade Airat Sulaiman, Onipede Wusu, and Olufunsho A. Omobitan
Lagos State University, Ojo, Nigeria


Sexual abuse among the elderly is a pervasive but understudied occurrence, particularly in less developed countries, including Nigeria, where the population of older persons is increasing rapidly. This study employed a multilevel analysis approach to investigate the influencers of rape incidence among elderly women in rural and urban communities across Nigeria. anchored in the self-control theory, the research examined the interplay between socio-demographic factors, substance use, childhood experiences, and marital dynamics to explain the vulnerability of elderly women to sexual abuse. A cross-sectional survey was conducted across 12 states in the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria and involved women aged 65 and above who had ever-experienced sexual violence. A multistage sampling method was employed to select respondents and findings revealed disparities in the prevalence and correlates of sexual abuse of the elderly between rural and urban contexts. A significant association was observed between rural residence and unwilling sexual experiences with partners or husbands, potentially linked to entrenched patriarchal norms and gender power dynamics. Substance use and childhood molestation emerged as potential risk factors. The study highlighted the need for tailored interventions addressing socio-cultural dynamics, resource constraints, and underlying factors such as substance abuse and trauma in rural and urban Nigerian communities. Developing legal protections, social protection measures, and preventative programs targeting the causes and consequences of sexual abuse of elderly women. Collaborative efforts involving policymakers, law enforcement, and non-governmental organizations are crucial in implementing evidence-based strategies to enhance the safety, dignity, and well-being of Nigeria’s rapidly growing elderly population.

KeywordsSexual abuse of the elderly, patriarchal norms, Social protection measures

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